Domestic and Natural

Natural stone has been the building material of choice to beautifully provide an unmatched level of permanence to any place since the age of the Pyramids. Today, when thinking about low impact development, natural stone is a most practical choice. Environmental impacts are minimal, and the economic value is passed through multiple generations.

TN Marble began forming in the earth over 400 million years ago. It is dense and durable. A perfect harmony of sunlight, water, earth, air, fire, and the breath of life created these stones. Ancient ocean tides crashed on the coral reefs and shores of the western edge of what is now the Appalachian Mountains, compressing tiny fossilized sea creatures and other organic material together to paint these masterpieces. Heat from the Earth’s core and pressure from the weight of the Earth’s thickening crust fully condensed and preserved these works of art; saving them just under the sticky red clay, for our use.

TN Marble is abundant and reusable. New building standards and practices are enabling installation of natural stone in ways that allow for easy removal for repurposing on other projects. True natural stone is just that, natural stone. There are no chemical bi-products, no petroleum-based compounds, no plastics or glues holding stone particles together, just natural minerals from the earth, bound together naturally in some of nature’s most beautiful artwork. The environmental impact goes even further when buying local because freighting the product from the quarry to the project site is minimal, we are not shipping across the world and back.

Our quarries are not sprawled out over mountain tops but are contained in small sites where each block is carefully and meticulously removed following natural faults and cracks. Wildlife habitats are preserved and the quarry itself becomes a work of art as we work with the mountain to utilize this abundant, natural resource in the most effective way. Water is a major component during quarrying and fabrication of TN Marble. The water used is recycled and used repeatedly, and the organic stone residue created during the process is contained in controlled locations.

The safety standards and working conditions at Tennessee Marble Company exceed those set by the United States Federal Government. The men and women who work the quarries and in the fabrication facility exemplify the character of this stone. They are pillars in their families and cornerstones in our community. They are your friends, your neighbors, and have children in our school system. These hard working, loyal, and thoughtful craftsmen and women are the heartbeat of the natural stone industry who provide for their families through their commitment to providing quality stones.

Using Domestic Natural Stone is smart and sustainable. Building now with Domestic Natural Stone is building for future generations, for the future of the planet.